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Adriana Anzola

A Total Wellness
A Total Wellness Coach and Community Director
Delray Beach
I was born in the beautiful country of Colombia through one of the most beautiful lights, mi mami, Carmen Rosa Mesa . She is a universal creature of the earth and lead her life with her giving heart. She showed and educated me on a vast amount of things. She showed me the expansion of what we are and the unity we all have to each other.
Life brought me to the US, where I planted seeds and grounded myself for over 30 years. I helped create the light of life, 2 lives; while expanding myself, both spiritually and professionally.
My kids are now grown, balanced, young adults living their lives. I now spend mine sharing, educating and consulting while living my life in my joy.
I am Bowen Therapy certified, Over 500 hour Yoga certified, kids yoga certified, Essential Oil AADP certified, Transcendental meditation certified.
It is my pleasure and joy to share, educate and consult, anyone open to living a natural, truly joyous life that resignations with who they truly are.
Let's Restore and Balance our MIND • BODY • SPIRIT - are truly all interlinked and float into each other continuously.
MIND • BODY • SPIRIT - are truly all interlinked and float into each other continuously.
* Mindful Living- Universal Laws, Awareness
* Clean Eating - Juicing Oils/ essential, nutrition, eat the rainbow, 
* Clean Living - Natural products, Oils/essential, gardening
* Body Energy Work - Yoga, Bowen Therapy, Paida Lajin (tapping), grounding
* Financial Literacy - understanding, budgeting, managing, leveraging

I appreciate you all for sharing your light with me.
I look forward to expanding together

My Yoga Fun Day Teachers Sessions

Saturday, November 10

8:30am EST

Sunday, November 11

10:00am EST

4:00pm EST