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Carol Figares

Yoga Teacher
Carolina has always had a very active mind, being diagnosed with hyperactivity as a child.
When she found yoga she felt an immense sence of relaxation, a mental clarity rarely eperienced before.
After practicing in and out for a few years, she came to the understanding that consistency is the key that reveals the benefits of yoga and after taking her first teacher training she dived deep into the passion of sharing this benefits with others.
Carolina guides students to approach obstacles with an open and compassionate mind, seeking to grow and learn from them. "If it doesn't challenge you, It won't change you"
She facilitates space so students can experience themselves within, as they learn to give each moment their undisturbed presence.
Grounding through the awareness of their breath, they begin to strengthen their bodies while generating steadiness of the mind, so they can grow into their own practice. As the practice deepen what seemed impossible is now available and healing happens naturally.
Her classes lead to individual awareness that supports self-discovering and self-transformation.

My Yoga Fun Day Teachers Sessions

Sunday, November 11