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Maleah Wilson

Yoga stirred something deep inside me during my first class but it took years before I came to my mat regularly. Once I became a mother I found my practice, 75 minutes all to myself and a place where I didn’t have to think, about anything, it was heaven.
During my first 200 hour teacher training I injured my shoulder. I was given modifications, but no one could explain how to heal my shoulder. That fueled a desire to dig deeper and figure out what was going on in modern yoga asana classes. It took me a year to find a teacher who could help me answer these bigger questions. She was able to explain to me why my shoulder was continuously hurting and options on how to correct it. I became obsessed- how did no one else know this and how could I share this information with my students to empower them?
I base my practice and teachings on digging deep into the yoga philosophy and debunking typical teaching norms allowing people to explore their unique bodies and make wise choices for their practice based on the present moment awareness. I find when students are given freedom to explore they begin to find what they were seeking. Applying yoga philosophies on our mat gives us the tools to pursue our yoga off the mats and apply it to our everyday life. With sequences that provide thorough instruction and mindful movements we can get back to the truth of ourselves.
My mission is to create community where yoga is accessible to all beings, elevating our collective consciousness.

My Yoga Fun Day Teachers Sessions

Sunday, November 11

10:00am EST

2:00pm EST

4:00pm EST