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Jenny Wang

Yoga Instructor
Boca Raton
Hi, I’m Jenny. I live in Boca with my husband, 8-year old son, and the most amazing in-laws. You’ll find me hanging out in the library on a cozy Sunday afternoon, reading with my son. That's the best part of a week.

My qualifications for the retreat include… Certified 200-hr Yoga Instructor, Certified Professional Coach, Certified Health Coach, Mindfulness Author at Amazon.

You may have heard me speak at these places… American Express Leadership Academy Global Alumni Summit, Association for Talent Development, Toastmasters International Leadership Institute.

I’m passionate about… helping others grow through a holistic learning approach – professional, physical, and personal.

Where you can find me on the internet… Connect me through Linkedin. Read my blogs about career development and mindfulness at Association for Talent Development (www.td.org).

My favorite wellness tips include… Just trust - your body and your mind.

My Yoga Fun Day Teachers Sessions

Sunday, November 11

10:00am EST

Moment of Silence- HONORING our Veterans and fallen victims in Tallahassee and beyond OutsideScott Adelman • Barbara Alfonzo • Carolina Alvarez • Michelle "SARAMA" Ambrozy-Sasko • Adriana Anzola • Annie Appleby • Elaina Beam • Brian Blest • Holly Bromer • Keith Brooks • Paula Bruce • Robert Cannellos • Anya Castellano • Fern L Conn • Tyla Conn • Daja Cook • Jill Cooperman • Maki Caballero Criscaut • Dr. Al Jameson, DC • Rama Doekel • Ashley Eisenberg • Suki Eleuterio • Brenda Elizabeth • Carol Figares • Allison Ford • Grace Geller • Lore Earley Goldstein • Sandy Gologursky • Sarah Granato • Sam Grout • Suzanne Gundersen • Julie Halpern • Ted Innoncent • Rinah Karson • Holly Landau • Ellie Lawrence • Lauren Loparo • George Love • Pedro Luna • Carly Jane Manzella • Allison Miller • Felice Minkin • Zayra Mo • KHINUU NEFER • Heather Osborne • Trent Peterson • Darnelle Quinn • Paty Renda • Brian Ritter • Elizabeth Scheer • Amy Shine • Corbin Stacy • Casandra Tanenbaum • Cristin Tighe • Jenny Wang • Maleah Wilson • Little Buddhas yoga • Tamara Zontini • Bumi • Mystic Mantra Band • Flint Blade • PREMA JEN POSNER // The Anahata Collective • Tu Hawks • Momentology Music • KHINUU NEFER • Michael Teller • RISE 31 • Allenby Cosmetic Dermatology

2:30pm EST